Pesto and Red Wine

One of favorite herbs to grow fresh is basil. For me it says summer. I love being able to step out onto my patio and pick it as I need it. This year I decided to grow green and purple varieties. I also like to make pesto once my plants have matured and I have plenty to spare. The thought of purple pesto seemed unappealing but I decided to try it out anyway. To my delight it not only tasted great but after it set a while it turned a wonderful green.

I spread my pesto onto a pizza crust ,topped it with slices of my Early Girl Tomatoes and topped that off with fresh grated Romano and Mozzarella Cheese. Baked it to perfection and ate it with a nice glass of Monkey Business 2005 Merlot. A nice diversion from my day job as a public servant. Full moons are not my friend when it comes to work. They truly bring out the lunatics. I can always tell when one is approaching without even looking at the sky.

Discovered this wine while dining at Ristorante di Paolo in Turners Falls Ma. a wonderful experiance in fine Italian dining.


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