Bounties from the Square Foot Garden

It was a bizarre weather year so sure. In spite of it my vegetables and herbs not only grew but flourished. While others lamented that theirs were duds , my garden was producing at an almost alarming rate! It made me think of my Pop who always promised my Mom he would plant less and some how his garden seemed bigger than ever each year. He would say ” I planted more in case the seeds don’t come up” and of course they always did! Growing up we always had fresh vegetables. My father would say “Mother put on the pot for corn” and he would go out and pick, we’d husk it, cook it and eat rolled in butter and a little salt. You don’t get much fresher than that! When I went to school for the first time I refused to eat the vegetables ( canned ) Yuck 😦

Because of my bounty, I became creative with my recipes. One great one I found was one I learned while with my daughter. We were attending a Stonewall Kitchen Cooking class with celebrity chef Sara Foster while on vacation in Maine this summer.The dish was Summer Succotash and it used a variety of seasonal vegetables. This was not the succotash I grew up with that was bland and boring. This one was bursting with flavor and was cooked al dente.

(Click to enlarge) Ingredients were fresh-cut corn, beans, summer squash, tomatoes,onions, peppers and fresh vegetables. Quite delicious and good left over. Google for full recipe.

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