My Square Foot Garden

.My square foot garden is a project that was born while in the middle of a larger  more involved project, like so many of my ideas come to be.  After 20 years of living in our home , we decided to have a second driveway put in on a section of our property that had been a wooded wilderness that we never developed. This was to be a spot where we could park our trailers ( camper, dump and enclosed box). After it was roughed in I stood there pondering what to do with the area around it.

I knew I wanted to cover up our ugly gas tank and plant a vegetable garden but the soil in this area left quite a bit to be desired. So I began to read everything I could get my hands on and watched HGTV for ideas and then I found my inspiration at a local garden center.

I loved the geometric shapes, the raised beds ,and the brick. I knew my budget was limited so I came up with a modified plan. What happened next was a LOT of shoveling and digging. We brought in a tons of crushed stone. Bought four 4×4 ft raised beds. We dug post holes by renting a power auger and hit boulders! I made trips to the chiropractor. We enlisted the help of my brother to build a retaining wall.We hauled in yards of composted loam ( more digging, more spreading) Soaked in our whirlpool night.Made a half round patio and a smaller round patio. As you may have surmised this small idea I came up with had mushroomed ( like atomic bomb mushroom)! Each step of the way I came up with new ideas to make it even more fantastic , ideas spreading faster than a poison ivy rash! I’m surprised my husband didn’t want to kill me before we finished, but I had a vision of what I wanted and he trusted me.

But the end result was soooo worth it. Judge it for yourself….


One response to “My Square Foot Garden

  1. Awesome! A peaceful outdoor room. I have huge plans for my own backyard but like most folks, not the money or the physical strength to do what I want myself.

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