Give Blood Play Rugby

Just returned home after spending the day watching my daughter’s debut College Rugby game. You may be thinking that girl must be a brute to want to play that sport!  Not exactly…. Just a girl after her mother’s heart, not afraid to tackle something new – a project of sorts.  In fact most of her teammates  were not the type you would picture playing the sport.  She posted ” playing rugby is the most daring thing I’ve ever done” and the almost unanimous response was “OMG be careful”.

The coach

Her father and I were a bit nervous on the onset, maybe it was the other teams chant of “We eat raw meat” or maybe the t-shirt worn by the coach that said “Give Blood Play Ruby” or the fact that all my nurse friends said “Oh rugby, I see a lot of those injuries”. It certainly is an odd game made up of scrums, tackles, rucks and other odd plays but in the end it is the same as all games ( except golf)  the highest score wins . The end result was her team won 31-5 and we didn’t see any blood, at least at this game. Phew!!!!


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