Winemaker and Water Witch Extrodinaire 

My father was a water witch or dowser as he called himself. He had his rod and would use it to find water. He had a gift. He’d hold his rod with the point up and walk until it dipped down. That was the sign he had found water. 

  He found our well when we built in 1990. Our well is deep . 300+ feet of clean potable water with only 8′ of casing and the rest hard rock. 

So with great interest I tried this week’s wine by Marc Mondavi’s – The Divining Rod.

 The label gives a great narrative about Marc’s life growing up in Napa Valley and his gift of water witching.

  This is a blend of 54% Zinfandel- 25% Petite Sirah -21% Cabernet Sauvignon.

  2013 Divine Red     Lodi, CA

Not as smooth as I like- first sip has a bit of a bite. Not too bad after the first swallow. Surprisingly warm going down and a slight afterglow that goes right to your head.

B  – as much as I liked the sentiment of this wine, I found it just average for me.


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