Apothic Dark

As you know if you’ve been following my wine tasting, I am critiquing 12 different red varietals all from CA. 

What you may not know is , I let my husband go to the wine rack , pick a wine from my selection and surprise me each week.

This is week six and marks the half way mark on my journey. I have enjoyed each selection up to this point. I admit my reviews are purely based on my personal preferences and not some industry standard. I like red wine and I like it dark.

That being said I LOVE this week’s selection.

This label alone is intreguing . It has a medieval vibe. A sort of mystic quality that peaks the interest.

” There’s a romance in darkness, it draws our curiosity and beckons a desire to taste  the unknown”

Sounds a bit seductive to me, just saying ….

Even the the black synthetic cork is cool. Lol

It is indeed a dark wine. Just the kind that I love. ❤️

Hard to come up with a better description that what the label already has.

“Apothic Dark blends dark fruit flavors of blueberry and blackberry with opulent notes of coffee and dark chocolate for a rich, yet silky smooth, wine experience”

In other words AWESOME!!!!

Apothic Dark from Modesto , CA.

A++      I enjoyed this with a meal of grilled steak and sauteeded kale ,bacon, onions with balsamic vinegar.

 Smooth going down.  Delightfully warm right down to my toes .Dangerously delicious so that I found my self wanting to refill my glass repeatedly!

An absolute new favorite!!!!


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