“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul”


I have always described myself a person who sees the doughnut… Which comes from a quote I was taught in 7th grade. ” The difference between optimist and pessimist is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut the pessimist sees the hole”

In recent times however, events in my life beyond my control have challenged that manta and have completely overwhelmed me. This has forced me to take a look at life in a more thankful way and have put my”crisis” into a priority ranking. After everything I’ve been through I have discovered that some events are not crisis at all, just mere annoyances that get in the way of my happiness.

So how do I cope? I engulf myself into creativity… Cooking …. Sewing…. and planning this year’s garden.


I already have my seeds , many of whom I plan to start indoors. I will begin to attend garden and home patio shows and get inspirations for new projects…. I read somewhere you should plant tried and true varieties each year but also test out something new. Trying something new creates excitement in the garden as well as possibly creating a new favorite.

Two new vegetable varieties this year: Purple Dragon carrots and Bonus Baby Corn both found at The Cook’s Garden seed catalog :http://www.cooksgarden.com/


Next post: My Gardening Bucket List….


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