Cloth Napkins

Now that my family is past the kids craft stage and into college life I have decided to dress up my Thanksgiving table this year by using cloth napkins as part of the table setting. I thought I’d share some of the cool ideas I’ve found and sources I’ve found on the web….

Martha Stewart Living, February 2000

When you imagine a romantic dinner for two, crumbs never sully your partner’s face. Give your fantasy a practical twist with napkins folded into a rose-inspired arrangement. The “flower” and “leaves” are tucked into a tumbler and set at each place setting. Don’t worry about making the corners meet perfectly — a little unevenness looks more natural.

To Form Leaves:
1. Fold a square green napkin in half along the diagonal.

2. Fold it in half again along the long edge.

3. Fold it once more in half along the long edge.

To Form Flower:
1. Use a square napkin of any color. Fold the cloth in half along the diagonal. Place it on your work surface so that the longest side of the resulting triangle is at the top. Take the corner opposite the longest side and fold it up so that it just extends over the top. The top and bottom edges should be parallel.

2. Fold the bottom edge up so that it falls just short of the top edge. Begin rolling the napkin from one end. Guide and adjust the cloth as you roll to give it an even shape.

3. Slip the completed flower between the upper and lower halves of the leaves, and arrange in the glass.

——————————————————————————————————————————–pyramid napkin design

he Pyramid Napkin Fold

This classy napkin folding technique is simple, fast, and can be made easily with most napkins. If the napkin being used is thin and flops easily then iron it with light starch prior to folding and it will turn out perfectly!

Napkin Fold #1
1. Lay the napkin face down in front of you.
Napkin Fold #2
2. Fold the napkin in half diagonally.
Napkin Fold #3
3. Rotate the napkin so the open end faces away from you.
Napkin Fold #4
4. Fold the right end up to meet the far corner, ensuring the edge of this new fold lays on the centerline as shown.
Napkin Fold #5
5. Repeat the last step with the left side, folding the left tip up to the far corner, creating a diamond shape with a seam running down the center.
Napkin Fold #6
6. Turn the napkin over, keeping the open end facing away from you.
Napkin Fold #7
7. Fold the napkin in half by bringing the farthest point of the diamond up and back to the nearest point.
Napkin Fold #8
8. Turn the napkin over again, this time keeping the open end facing towards you.
Folded Napkin
9. Fold the napkin along the center seam and you have a neat, sturdy pyramid. If your napkin won’t stand neatly then you may need a little

This link on Pinterest gives lots of great ideas…


This design is by and I first saw her display at The Boston Flower Show last year. She hand paints the leaves and sells the napkins to go with it.


Lastly I  found an excellent source to buy serged edge cloth napkins of good quality for an incredible price. I just ordered 3 colors 2 dz of each and they came to me in less than a week!


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