Expanding my gardens…

Last year I created a courtyard garden with  4 raised beds.  We bought kits from Home Depot that made 4 x4 composite beds. We filled them with composted loam , my garden flourished and my harvest was  abundant.

So naturally ,I had to add more spots to plant ! Instead of buying kits this time, we decided to build our own out of cedar. Lowe’s was the best source for the wood. We selected boards that were  8’x 5/4″ x 51/2″. I wanted them to be fairly deep so we stacked 2 boards high to make an 11″ deep bed.  Since I wanted to put them in front of one of my sheds, I decided to put decorative end caps on the corners to dress them up.

Check out this cute portable Greenhouse we got from Home Depot. Its made by Shelter Logic, 6’x5’x5′. It will be great to harden off the plants I started inside and house other plants I want to buy until all danger of frost has passed and I can plant them outside for good.

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