Don’t you just love a bargain?

BargainsWe were just out to do a few short errands : buy cat food and drop off some unwanted items at the Salvation Army. And then it happened … We drove by Sugarloaf Nurseries in Sunderland Ma and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a sign that said up to 70% off! So we HAD to turn around and check it out. As my family knows I am a sucker for a great bargain.

Keep in mind it was 2 days before Thanksgiving which I am hosting again this year. I should be shopping for dinner items not shrubs and perennials but what the heck! So we drove in amazed that they were even still open this time of year to discover a nice selection of fantastic deals. We left with a truck full of plants, some lilac and Japanese holly as well as some perennials.
Instead of cleaning my house , I spent the afternoon planting. Maybe I am obsessed with plants … There are worse vices right? Besides just wait till next year it will so worth it and I didn’t break my pocket book doing it:)


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