Halloween Trick No Treat

In preparation for the impending doom forecast , I feverishly worked in my yard and garden that morning of Oct 29,2011. So much to do so little time… Had to dump pots, collect all my garden decorations, clip down my perennials, pull out my dead annuals and put everything away in my shed! Normally all this would be done by now but due to the unusually warm fall, my plants were still growing and vigorous. In fact earlier that week I just picked my last zucchini out of my garden !

One years growth from one bulb!

Two other tasks I had to do were digging up my tender bulbs and planting spring bulbs. The tender bulbs of Calla Lily , Ranunculus and Canna Lily. I was amazed how much they had grown over the season! Shown here is my Canna Lily…

Needed a chain saw to just get out of the driveway...

And then the snow started and boy did  the weather men call this one right! We woke up to this scene…. 16 inches of heavy wet snow leaving a lot of downed trees and branches.  This left us without power, heat and running water for 7 days. Definately an unpleasant trick!


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