My life….

old-time-photos-003.jpg IMG_0457I was born the youngest of 5 children . My parents were farmers and if you wanted something done you did it yourself. They lived through the depression. This explains many things about my upbringing..I was raised old school, you know, all about hard work, pride in your work and respect for others especially your elders.  My mother could look at any everyday object ( empty toilet paper rolls, scrap paper, old elastic etc) and see a craft project or a reuse for it. We were “green” before it was in vogue.

I recently celebrated my “nifty” birthday and have begun to reflect on my life and all my adventures  along the way. I am addicted to projects. Sometimes I think my brain is on speed.  I am constantly thinking up new project ideas. Never do I have just one in the works I have several going on at the same time.  And sometimes in the middle of the night I come up with several more…  Should have been an engineer  (that was the result of my Junior High aptitude test). I keep myself up at night visualizing how I will complete my latest idea or new ones…. I love a challenge!

I crave books… not romance novels, but DIY books,….   gardening, sewing, cooking, canning, landscaping, painting , home decorating ,etc,etc,etc. They say if your home has bookcases full of books it makes you smarter. I must be a genius!

My family is awesome. Not only do they tolerate my obsession they feed it! Don’t get me wrong together we have created some pretty incredible things. Some women dream of well manicured nails, shopping at the mall and watching soaps. I love HGTV  and the Food Network. I love Curb Appeal The Block, Holmes on Homes, Design on a Dime and Cash And Cari. You get the idea. More fuel for my obsession!

As I think back over the years and those to come I realize that life is a project,    ever-changing, never quite complete and I like it that way……


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