Postcards from Home

My 20-year-old daughter left for college this fall after taking a semester off due to health reasons. She left with renewed doubts and feelings of homesickness. I came up with the idea of sending a postcard a day to her for the entire semester. She had always loved running to the mailbox to see what the day’s post had brought. I thought it would be a great way to return to the written word instead of  the instant messaging we had grown so used to.

At first I thought it would be easy to find postcards from our local area or of places we liked to visit. It turned out to be more of a challenge . It seems that people don’t sent them as much and there is not the market for them that there once was.  I also quickly realized that I would need to find about 101! This however did not hold me back from keeping my promise to her. I first went and bought the stamps at the post office and also found a book of cards with pictures of Pixar cartoons that had forever stamps already on them. I then decided to look online for ideas. I found you can buy booklets of postcards. I found some “Where is Waldo” cards on Amazon -30 for $8.99 about .30 cents a card. These were cool as there are also clues to find.

Next I discovered that I could create my own using Word, my laptop, my printer and some blank Avery postcards # 3381. I went to Walmart and got the cards  4.25 x 5.5″ 200 per box, 4 per sheet. These cost about .08 cents per card. This is where I started to have fun! I recently received a Nixon D3200 camera from my husband and have been playing around with it. I took some photos and created cards out of those. I went on Pinterest and found inspirations, sports images, coloring pages etc.. She has put them up on her wall in her dorm. Now she can not only feel , but actually see the love sent from home !


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