My Lastest Garden Ideas

Today was the last in a series of Garden Shows and Lectures I had planned out for myself this spring. I went To Providence Ri, Worcester, Ma., and Boston Ma. for their respective shows. I took lots of pictures , filled my head with TONS of new ideas and projects and bought some cool garden accessories. Today I attended the Spring Gardening Symposium put on by The Western Massachusetts Master Gardeners. It was held at Frontier Regional High School in S. Deerfield, Ma. It was very well attended and well-organized. There were vendors , authors and speakers. There was a choice of a morning and an afternoon clinic with a keynote speaker and lunch in between. This was my first time here and I can tell you it will not be my last!

In the morning I chose to attend a talk about Vertical Vegetable Gardening, the 3rd dimension, given by Ron Kujawski. He gave ideas how to save space by growing up.  Other benefits to this are more easily picked vegetables and less disease and rotting. He also wrote a book with his daughter Jennifer called Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook. So I bought a copy and had it signed. Looks very good so far…

Our keynote speaker was Ellen Ecker Ogden who spoke on her new book The Complete Kitchen Garden. She was quite engaging and enjoyable. The book has pages of ideas for kitchen gardens which are aesthetically pleasing as well productive. It also has great recipes using vegetables and herbs. I am enjoying that one as well! She signed my copy with the inscription : ” Grow beautiful food!” This says it all and seems to embody her philosophy that vegetable gardens can and should be pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.

My afternoon clinic was Herbal Appetizers given by Stockbridge Farm in S Deerfield Ma. It was fantastic! We were served 3 cold and 3 warm appetizers and a refreshing beverage all using herbs. More inspirations…. perhaps I could make some and serve them in my aesthetically pleasing kitchen garden.

My last recommendation was a new seed catalog that was given to me my a woman I met at the symposium. It is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, a most enjoyable read with wonderful photos, recipes and unusual varieties. In it she pointed out to me a page featuring Comstock, Ferre & Co, in the heart of Old Wethersfield ,  Ct.

June 3,2012 is the second annual ” Heirloom Festival” from 10 am – 6 pm. “Join us for a full day of speakers, demonstrations, music, garden vendors as we celebrate being in the seed business for 2 years”  ” Old Wethersfield is a charming, historic Connecticut River town founded in 1643. Along Main St many of the homes are more than 200 years old…”

Hmm, sounds like a road trip to me!


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